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Alcohol is part of our TGIF days, part of our party all night celebrations and part of our relaxed days in. makes getting your alcohol for all these different days easier. Getting things delivered has become huge during this pandemic there's no doubt, for companies and consumers.

In Nov. of 2020, there was a week when diners who offered seats to their customers suffered a loss of about 52% according to OpenTable, a reservation system used for restaurants.

Prior to the pandemic, there were only a few people who were more prone to use these delivery apps like Gen Z and Millennials. Others preferred going to restaurants or ordering takeout but when COVID-19 struck Nationals Restaurant Association State of the Industry's January report said 53% of adults said buying delivery food or takeout became a necessity and 68% of consumers would be more prone to buying delivery food or takeout than they would have been previous to the pandemic.

Businesses were hit during this pandemic but these delivery services have helped them stay on their feet. These delivery services continue to help because they give exposure to the different companies which is especially important for those small businesses.

In 2021 the delivery option is still steady even after the huge demand during the pandemic. Even though dining options will become more available and will be more used. Delivery is still very much part of society and something restaurants and places will need to take into consideration because it's a convenient option that has become a consumer need. It is something that will be part of the “package”.

This option is especially important for the younger generation who have kind of grown up with having things delivered.

OUR STORY is a great way to get your alcohol without having to leave your friends to get a refill or having to stop working on that spreadsheet on your couch or planning that party, the alcohol comes straight to your door. It's convenient and safe. Let us help you with your alcohol needs, feel free to contact us today!

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